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Policies & Disclaimers

Disclaimer  - Click for Additional Affiliate Disclosure & Disclaimer

While personal growth and development techniques like Yoga, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Qigong, Coaching, EFT/Tapping, Breathing Practices, and Meditation and Relaxation practices have produced remarkable results for many clients and practitioners. Practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Sarah Kathleen is not a licensed health professional and these and all other methods, information, exercise, whole food nutritional products and lifestyle wellness products and services offered on this website are offered as a certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, BEAM Practitioner, NLP Professional Life Coach, Nutrition and Wellness Self-Care Specialist and Lifestyle Wellness Educator.

The information and material provided on this site are for personal, educational and informational purposes and in no way should be considered as an offering of medical advice. You should regularly consult with a licensed healthcare professional in matters relating to your general health, and particularly in respect to any symptoms or conditions that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your personal health situation and the use of anything on this website. Use of any techniques, information, wholefood products or lifestyle wellness strategies and services obtained through this site or any sites linked to this site is used at your own risk. 

Talk with your qualified health practitioner prior to making significant changes to your lifestyle wellness strategy.

All Diet & Nutrition Programs are based on eating a healthy, balanced and moderate diet that includes a variety of whole foods and whole food nutrition, including, where appropriate, clinically backed whole food supplements, by The Juice Plus+ Company.  All Healthy Living Programs provide the opportunity to ensure your family has access to high-quality whole foods all year round, with award-winning aeroponic gardening solutions from Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ that can ensure access to high-quality whole foods all year round.   Again, none of our programs at Vibrant Living Institute are a treatment for any disease. It is well understood that a better-nourished body is capable of healing from a variety of ailments, your individual result will vary. If you require a diagnosis or have medical or health concerns, we ask that you seek the guidance of a licensed health practitioner or physician. All participants are offered ongoing support but are participating at their own risk.

We look forward to having you join our mission for inspiring healthy living around the world by partnering with us to elevate yourself and others in health, wealth and happiness!

Cancellation Policy

Please provide us with a minimum of 24 hrs notice. This enables us to get in touch with other clients that require our services and make arrangements for them to fill the time slot you have vacated.

We require prepayment to secure your spot for all sessions, events, workshops, programs. All sessions, events, workshops, escapes, retreats and programs are non-refundable unless cancelled by Sarah Kathleen & Co and or Vibrant Living Institute. Sarah Kathleen & Co and or Vibrant Living Institute reserves the right to postpone and or reschedule sessions, events, workshops and programs as needed to ensure the greatest benefit to all involved.

Privacy Policy

We LOVE privacy and will never share yours. Period. Promise.

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your health information. We place a high value on maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information.

Collection of Personal Health Information

We may collect personal health information from you or other people acting on your behalf.

Occasionally, we collect personal health information about you and other sources if we have your consent to do so or if the law permits.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information

Personal Health Information is used and disclosed to:

  • Provide you with health and wellness services
  • Educate the health and wellness team
  • Management of the center
  • Fulfill legal obligations

Your right to Limit the Use of Information About You

If you do NOT wish to be contacted for the following purposes you can advise us by emailing [email protected]

Moving Information, General Advertising

If you feel we have violated your right to privacy, please let us know immediately so that together we may address any concerns you may have. You may also contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at 1-800- 387-0073.